If you are wondering what CBD isolate is, and how it differs from broad-spectrum and full-spectrum blends keep reading. In short, it’s the purest, most potent form of CBD available. When creating isolate, makers completely strip other compounds away using additional filtration processes, such as winterization and chromatography, leaving 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD). 

 How is it used?

Isolate is very versatile, it comes in the form of ingestible oils and powders. These are added to tinctures, topical oils, capsules, drinks, and edibles.

CBD Isolate benefits. 

Potency & Purity – CBD Isolate is potent and pure. Since other cannabinoids are stripped away, you’re left with only a concentrated dose of the main, active compound. The purity allows you to use less of the product while still achieving the desired effect. It also makes CBD isolate a good choice to increase the potency of other products by increasing doses. 

THC Free- CBD Isolate is free of the psychoactive compound THC. And, while this can be true for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum blends too, the pure isolate gives you that extra confidence. 

Ease of Use – CBD Isolate can be added to carrier oils for tincture or topical oils as well as a long list of edibles including gummies, cooking oils, chocolate, brownies, and Beverages. In its powder form it can be added to capsules. It is also a product that is for pet use. 

Contact us for specific details on our production methods, costs and suggested uses.

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